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Fully Satisfied

We all have that one thing.

We pray, beg, plead, and pray some more for God to answer this one request.

“God if you really want what’s best for me then why aren’t you answering me in this area of my life.”

God doesn’t cause pain in our lives, but He does allow it. He doesn’t like it when we are hurting, but He wants us to trust Him completely. He knows what is best for us, even if it’s not what we want.

Without full trust in Him, it’s impossible to be fully satisfied by Him. Apart from Him, there is no true satisfaction.- Lysa TerKeurst

The instant fix I have been begging for (mine for example: “God please just give me some true friends!”) will only benefit me temporarily. It will never permanently satisfy me. Eventually I will be begging God for something else.

God is after our souls. He wants to ease the hunger of our souls from always wanting the next best thing. We need to quit finding our nourishment in temporary things. In Exodus chapter 3, God said ” I AM WHO I AM.” He didn’t have to add anything to it because He is complete.

He is everything we need.

God is all we need but He also wants to be all we want. In John 6:35, Jesus relates Himself to something we all crave – food(bread). But, Jesus isn’t just any bread, He is THE Bread of Life. Jesus wants us to experience fullness of life. The easing of our ache and answers to  our most desperate prayers will not fully satisfy us. Even if the problem was solved, the enemy would have another problem waiting for us right around the corner. We live in a broken world where escaping problems is impossible.

Our souls were made for the perfection of the garden; we will never be satisfied by things of this imperfect world. Satan will do everything he can to destroy our chances at experiencing the fullness of life in Christ. (example: all the “technical difficulties” we had at our last meeting)

What we consume will consume us. It is our choice whether we are consuming God’s life or the enemy’s lies.” – Lysa TerKeurst

For me – I have been so focused on wanting to have some true girl friends (which is important to have) but, I forget that Jesus is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. He is the source of Life. He wants to be my #1 friend that I always run to about my problems.

If we rely on the Bread of Life to satisfy us, we will never go hungry again.

Day One Summary/Reflections – Finding I AM Bible Study by Lysa TerKeurst

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