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Motherhood + Grace

Ever since my sweet baby girl was born, I catch myself time after time trying to be perfect.

I want to have a daily set routine but of course it never goes as planned.

I want to plan our meals for the week ahead of time but I barely have time to cook.

I want to keep record of my daughters bottles/diapers/naps but I forget to write down a few and just give up.

I wanted to strictly breastfeed but for the sake of my physical, mental, and spiritual health, I needed to cut back.

I want a perfect Joanna Gaines style home but that’s not in our budget.

I wanted to keep my baby at work with me until she was a year old but I decided to send her to daycare because I was tired and struggling with work.

There are so many things I want to do to be the perfect Pinterest mom.

But being a perfect Pinterest mom is not what my husband and baby girl need…

They need a mama that will accept Jesus’ grace and extend it back towards them.

They need a mama who puts Jesus first.

They need a mama who takes care of them and doesn’t stress about having everything in order.

They need a mama that sets an example for their daughter.

They need a mama who’s in a good state of mind.

They need a mama who loves them unconditionally.

That’s the mama I want to be.