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The honest reason why I don’t have any friends

I have really been struggling lately with the fact that I have zero girl friends to talk to on a daily basis. Is it really THAT hard to find someone who is just like me??

We (women) have this “list” in our heads of requirements for friends. But in reality they’re just characteristics of ourselves.

“My future bestie has to:

  1. Love Jesus & believe exaclty the same way I do, of course.

  2. Be in her mid-late 20’s.

  3. Be married & have a young baby.

  4. Her parenting opinions have to be JUST like mine, obviously.

  5. Doesn’t cuss or drink, period, ever!”

And then it hit me… They’re not the problem, I am.

I am so caught up on finding someone who is EXACTLY like me and in the same stage of life as I am that I overlook all the people God has placed around me.

Does it really matter who they voted for.

Does it really matter if they like to drink wine sometimes.

Does it really matter if they disagree on which type of worship music is better.

Does it really matter if they don’t vaccinate their kids.

We need to appreciate those who are different from us, because we just might learn something from them.

The culture we live in glorifies the mean girls, but that’s not who we are called to be. Women NEED other women in their lives. Regardless of how different they are from each other. We need to be mentors and be the mentees (yes, that is a word). We need to tell each other about what we are going through, because chances are, they’ve already gone through it too. We need to help each other grow in our walks with Christ. We need to speak positive words to each other, daily.  We need to be a shoulder to cry on and sometimes we need a good cry.

Is God telling you to invite one of your coworkers to lunch, or telling you to go visit your sister that you haven’t talked to in years, or maybe even lead a small group to a bunch of girls who are totally different than you? Just listen to Him, trust the Holy Spirit to guide your words and conversation.

Don’t let your pride get in the way of you finding some life-long friends who really care about you.

It’s okay to have friends that are different than you.

(I’m totally preaching this to myself)

**I highly recommend listening to the Risen Motherhood podcast, especially this one -> Finding Your Tribe. If you click on that link, there are more resources at the bottom of the page about Motherhood & Friendships.